Publicaciones Científicas- 2020

First blog post

Werner, O., Prudencio, Á.S., de la Cruz-Martínez, E., Nieto-Lugilde, M., Martínez-Gómez, P., Ros, R.M. (2020)
A Cost Reduced Variant of Epi-Genotyping by Sequencing for Studying DNA Methylation in Non-model Organisms
Frontiers in Plant Science, 11, art. no. 694, .

Garre, A., Boué, G., Fernández, P.S., Membré, J.-M., Egea, J.A. (2020)
Evaluation of Multicriteria Decision Analysis Algorithms in Food Safety: A Case Study on Emerging Zoonoses Prioritization
Risk Analysis, 40 (2), pp. 336-351.