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Últimas Publicaciones del CEBAS

González-Real, M.M., Egea, G., Martin-Gorriz, B., Nortes, P.A., Baille, A. (2017)
Spatial variability of soil CO2 efflux in drip-irrigated old and young citrus orchards and its dependence on biotic and abiotic factors
Geoderma, 294, pp. 29-37.

Montesinos-Navarro, A., Verdú, M., Querejeta, J.I., Valiente-Banuet, A. (2017)
Nurse plants transfer more nitrogen to distantly related species
Ecology, 98 (5), pp. 1300-1310.

Caravaca, F., Lozano, Z., Rodríguez-Caballero, G., Roldán, A. (2017)
Spatial Shifts in Soil Microbial Activity and Degradation of Pasture Cover Caused by Prolonged Exposure to Cement Dust
Land Degradation and Development, 28 (4), pp. 1329-1335.

Sáez, J.A., Clemente, R., Bustamante, M.Á., Yañez, D., Bernal, M.P. (2017)
Evaluation of the slurry management strategy and the integration of the composting technology in a pig farm – Agronomical and environmental implications
Journal of Environmental Management, 192, pp. 57-67.

Arco-Lázaro, E., Martínez-Fernández, D., Bernal, M.P., Clemente, R. (2017)
Response of Piptatherum miliaceum to co-culture with a legume species for the phytostabilisation of trace elements contaminated soils
Journal of Soils and Sediments, 17 (5), pp. 1349-1357. Cited 1 time.

Domingues, R.R., Trugilho, P.F., Silva, C.A., De Melo, I.C.N.A., Melo, L.C.A., Magriotis, Z.M., Sánchez-Monedero, M.A. (2017)
Properties of biochar derived from wood and high-nutrient biomasses with the aim of agronomic and environmental benefits
PLoS ONE, 12 (5), art. no. e0176884, .

Doni, S., Macci, C., Longo, V., Souid, A., Garcia, C., Masciandaro, G. (2017)
Innovative system for biochemical monitoring of degraded soils restoration
Catena, 152, pp. 173-181.

Barrameda-Medina, Y., Blasco, B., Lentini, M., Esposito, S., Baenas, N., Moreno, D.A., Ruiz, J.M. (2017)
Zinc biofortification improves phytochemicals and amino-acidic profile in Brassica oleracea cv. Bronco
Plant Science, 258, pp. 45-51.

Baenas, N., Gómez-Jodar, I., Moreno, D.A., García-Viguera, C., Periago, P.M. (2017)
Broccoli and radish sprouts are safe and rich in bioactive phytochemicals
Postharvest Biology and Technology, 127, pp. 60-67.

Esmaeili, F., Shiran, B., Fallahi, H., Mirakhorli, N., Budak, H., Martínez-Gómez, P. (2017)
In silico search and biological validation of microRNAs related to drought response in peach and almond
Functional and Integrative Genomics, 17 (2-3), pp. 189-201.

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