Scientifics Publications- 2017

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Hernández, T., Hernández, M.C., García, C. (2017)
The effects on soil aggregation and carbon fixation of different organic amendments for restoring degraded soil in semiarid areas
European Journal of Soil Science, 68 (6), pp. 941-950. Cited 1 time.

Bastida, F., Torres, I.F., Hernández, T., García, C. (2017)
The impacts of organic amendments: Do they confer stability against drought on the soil microbial community?
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 113, pp. 173-183.

Bastida, F., Torres, I.F., Andrés-Abellán, M., Baldrian, P., López-Mondéjar, R., Větrovský, T., Richnow, H.H., Starke, R., Ondoño, S., García, C., López-Serrano, F.R., Jehmlich, N. (2017)
Differential sensitivity of total and active soil microbial communities to drought and forest management
Global Change Biology, 23 (10), pp. 4185-4203. Cited 1 time.

Moreno, J.L., Bastida, F., Ondoño, S., García, C., Andrés-Abellán, M., López-Serrano, F.R. (2017)
Agro-forestry management of Paulownia plantations and their impact on soil biological quality: The effects of fertilization and irrigation treatments
Applied Soil Ecology, 117-118, pp. 46-56.

Mondini, C., Cayuela, M.L., Sinicco, T., Fornasier, F., Gálvez, A., Sánchez-Monedero, M.A. (2017)
Modification of the RothC model to simulate soil C mineralization of exogenous organic matter
Biogeosciences, 14 (13), pp. 3253-3274.

Ros, M., de Souza Oliveira Filho, J., Pérez Murcia, M.D., Bustamante, M.A., Moral, R., Coll, M.D., López Santísima-Trinidad, A.B., Pascual, J.A. (2017)
Mesophilic anaerobic digestion of pig slurry and fruit and vegetable waste: Dissection of the microbial community structure
Journal of Cleaner Production, 156, pp. 757-765. Cited 1 time.

Mehmood, K., Chávez Garcia, E., Schirrmann, M., Ladd, B., Kammann, C., Wrage-Mönnig, N., Siebe, C., Estavillo, J.M., Fuertes-Mendizabal, T., Cayuela, M., Sigua, G., Spokas, K., Cowie, A.L., Novak, J., Ippolito, J.A., Borchard, N. (2017)
Biochar research activities and their relation to development and environmental quality. A meta-analysis
Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 37 (3), art. no. 22, .

Yanardağ, I.H., Zornoza, R., Bastida, F., Büyükkiliç-Yanardağ, A., García, C., Faz, A., Mermut, A.R. (2017)
Native soil organic matter conditions the response of microbial communities to organic inputs with different stability
Geoderma, 295, pp. 1-9. Cited 1 time.

Domingues, R.R., Trugilho, P.F., Silva, C.A., De Melo, I.C.N.A., Melo, L.C.A., Magriotis, Z.M., Sánchez-Monedero, M.A. (2017)
Properties of biochar derived from wood and high-nutrient biomasses with the aim of agronomic and environmental benefits
PLoS ONE, 12 (5), art. no. e0176884, .

Doni, S., Macci, C., Longo, V., Souid, A., Garcia, C., Masciandaro, G. (2017)
Innovative system for biochemical monitoring of degraded soils restoration
Catena, 152, pp. 173-181.

Morales, A.B., Ros, M., Ayuso, L.M., Bustamante, M.A., Moral, R., Pascual, J.A. (2017)
Agroindustrial composts to reduce the use of peat and fungicides in the cultivation of muskmelon seedlings
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 97 (3), pp. 875-881.


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