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RESEARCH LINE 1: Impact of climate change and land use change on hydro-geomorphological processes and biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients in natural and agricultural Mediterranean ecosystems.
Scientific Objectives
1.1) To evaluate the impact of climate change and land use change on hydro-geomorphological processes, soil degradation, soil quality, carbon sequestration, and on the stabilization of soil organic matter.
1.2) To determine the role of soil erosion in the carbon cycle at different spatial and temporal scales.

RESEARCH LINE 2: Sustainable land management of agricultural and natural Mediterranean ecosystems for the adaptation and mitigation of global change
Scientific Objectives:
2.1) To identify and evaluate sustainable land management strategies and practices to promote the integrated management of natural resources and the resilience of Mediterranean ecosystems to global change.
2.2) To analyse socio-ecological and political systems for the transfer of knowledge and the implementation of sustainable land management in Mediterranean socio-ecosystems.

RESEARCH LINE 3: Soil restoration and vegetation cover in Mediterranean ecosystems.
Scientific Objectives:
3.1) To investigate the response of natural plant communities to climate change and the co-limitation of primary productivity by water and nutrients in semi-arid ecosystems.  
3.2) To define ecological management and restoration practices for degraded areas with the aim to improve ecosystem services, focussing on the regulation of water cycles, erosion control, soil fertility and carbon sequestration, and the maintenance and recovery of biodiversity.

Group Staff

Albaladejo Montoro, Juan Prof. de Inv.
Ext - 445338
Castillo Sánchez, Victor Prof. de Inv.
Ext - 445349
Martínez-Mena García, María Inv. Cientif.
Ext - 445463
Querejeta Mercader, José Ignacio Inv. Cientif.
Ext - 445341
Boix Fayos, Carolina Cientif. Titular
Ext - 445371
de Vente, Joris Cientif. Titular Ext - 445504
Diaz Pereira, Elvira Cientif. Titular
Ext -445391
González Barberá, Gonzalo Tit. Sup.
Ext - 445390
Espinosa Tolinos, Mª José Tec. Lab. Ext - 445393
Eekhout, Joris Juan de la Cierva Ext.- 445338
García Martínez, Eloisa Contrato Proyect.
Ext - 445455
Luján Soto, Raquel Contrato Proyect.
Ext - 445338
Muñoz Gálvez, Francisco Javier Pre-Doctoral
Ext - 445394



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