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The research activity of the group is focused on the design and development of new healthy, safe and sustainable plant-based foods and ingredients. It also determines the impact of this food consumption on human health (from Field to Health). Regarding this, the group characterizes plant foods or their by-products in relation to their phytochemical composition establishing the relationship between different factors (pre-harvest and post-harvest) and their bioactive constituents, in order to design new fresh or processed foods or ingredients. This approach allows us to generate new practical, attractive, sustainable and healthy alternatives for the consumer.

To this end, the research group develops specific analytical methodologies to establish the complete phytochemical profile of the different plant matrices and their biological effects. The biological functionality of the compounds of interest is established on the basis of in vitro experimental pathophysiological models, which allow determining the activity of the various constituents and therefore, their potential use in the development of health foods/ingredients and nutraceuticals. In parallel to these basic strategies, the group is involved in the study of new technologies and processing procedures that guarantee the quality and bioactivity of the original raw materials, without forgetting the safety and acceptance of their sensory and physicochemical characteristics and their use by the agro-food industry, focused on the consumer. Thus, the productive sector is supported and benefiting the consumer with scientific-technological knowledge that covers the whole life of the food from field to health.

- Development of new healthy/functional foods of plant origin with a high content of bioactive compounds.
- Determination of industrial and domestic processing conditions to preserve (or increase) the concentration of these compounds.
- Optimization of growing conditions, in order to increase the concentration in bioactive metabolites.

- Revaluation of by-products and second quality fruits and vegetables to obtain functional ingredients.
- Study the effect, of bioactive compounds from plant matrices (food and ingredients), on health through in vitro and ex vivo studies of bioaccessibility, bioavailability and bioactivity associated with inflammation (cardiovascular and intestinal), neurodegeneration and oxidative stress.

- Clinical trials (in vivo) for evaluating the metabolism and biological activity of phytochemical constituents of foods.

Group Staff

García Viguera, Cristina Profesora de Investigación
Ext - 445304
Moreno Fernandez, Diego Investigador Científico
Ext - 445369
Domínguez Perles, Raúl Científico Titular.
Ext - 445346
Medina Escudero, Sonia Científico Titular
Ext - 445515
Medrano Padial, Concepción Contrato Juan de la Cierva Ext - 445447
Sánchez Bravo, Paola Contrato Margarita Salas Ext - 445453
Hernández Prieto, Diego Contrato Proyecto Ext - 445453
Costa Pérez, Antonio Contrato Proyecto Ext - 445453
Salar Giménez, Francisco Predoctoral FPU Ext - 445453
Hernández Prieto, Diego FPI Ext - 445453




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