Research Lines

• Crop adaptation to climate change.

• Plant water uptake and transport: aquaporins.

• Aquaporins proteomic and genomic approach in response to abiotic stress.

• Proteins and lipids nanotecnology for industrial application.

The lines of research or development in which she has worked mainly focus on the study of salinity and water absorption through aquaporin.
Our research lines are based on the study of water transport mechanisms under abiotic stress conditions. We study the involvement of aquaporins in the water transport through the plasma membrane. We relate the protein regulation, gene expression and specificity in the water transport through cells and plants with abiotic stress conditions. This will allow us to optimize the absorption of water by plants; to use aquaporins as markers of resistance to abiotic stress and to determine the water needs of plants in response to climate change.
On the other hand, the biochemistry and biophysics of cell membranes characterization allow us to study the industrial application.

Personnel of Group

Carvajal Alcaraz, Micaela Prof. de Inv.
Ext - 445310
Bárzana González, Gloria Inv. Contratada Ext - 445308
García Gómez, Pablo Inv. Contratado Ext - 445445
López Zaplana, Alvaro Inv. Contratado Ext - 445430
Martínez Alonso, Alberto Inv. Contratado Ext - 445445
Olmos Ruiz, Rafael Inv. Contratado Ext - 445445
Ortiz Delvastro, Nidia Inv. Contratado Ext - 445445
Quirante Moya, Francisco José Inv. Contratado Ext - 445430
García Ibañez, Paula Becaria FPU Ext - 445430
Nicolás Espinosa, Juan Inv. Contratado Ext - 445430
Yepes Molina, Lucía Becaria FPU
Ext - 445430




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