Scientifics Publications- 2010

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Dias, B.O., Silva, C.A., Higashikawa, F.S., Roig, A. and Sánchez-Monedero, M.A. 2010 
Use of biochar as bulking agent for the composting of poultry manure: effect on organic matter degradation and humification.
Bioresource Technology, 101: 1239–1246.

Tejada, M., Gómez, I., Hernandez, T., Garcia, C. 2010
Response of Eisenia fétida to the application of different organic wastes in na aluminium-contaminated soil.
Ecotoxicological and Environmental Safety. SCI: 2,133 (59/181)

Goberna, M., Gadermaier, M., Garcia, C., Insam, H. 2010
Adaptation of methagenomic communities to the cofermentation of catle excreta and olive millwastes at 37ºC and 55 degrees C. 
Applied and Environmental Microbiology. SCI: 3,686 (29/152)

Bastida, F., Nicolas, C., Moreno, JL., Hernandez, T. and Garcia, C. 2010
Tracing changes in the microbial community of a hidrocarbon polluted soil by culture-dependent proteomics 
Pedosphere. SCI: 1,103 (19/31)

Ros, M., Rodriguez, I., Garcia, C. and Hernandez, T. 2010
Microbial communities involved in the biorremediation of na aged recalcitrant hydrocarbon polluted soil by using organic amendments
Bioresource Technology. 4,453 (1º)

Tejada, M., Gómez, I., Hernandez, T., Garcia, C. 2010
Utilization of vermicomposts in soil restoration. Effects on soil biological properties
Soil Science Society of American journal. SCI: 2,179 (7/31)

Mbarki, S. Chedly, S. Lapidi, X., Pascual, JA. 2010
Ameliorative effect of municipal solid waste compost on biological quality of Mediterranean SALT lake soil.
Compost Science and Utilization.

Lopez-Mondejar, R., Berbal-Vicente, A., Ros, M., Pascual, JA. 2010
Utilisation of citrus compost-based growing media implemented with Tricoderma harzianum T-78 in Cucumis melo L., seedling production
Bioresource Technology 4,453 (1º)

Lopez-Mondejar, R., Anton, A., Raidi, S., Ros, M., Pascual, JA. 2010
Quantification of the biocontrol agent Tricoderma harzianum with real-time TaqMan PCR and its potentialextrapolation to the hyphal biomass.
Bioresurce Technology, 4.453 (1º)

Martinez-Medina, A., Pascual, JÁ., Perez-Alfocea, F., Albacete, A., Roldan, A. 2010
Tricoderma harzianum and Glomus intradices modify the hormone disruption induced by Fusarium oxysporum in melon plant
Phytopathology. SCI: 2,223 (44/173)

Dias, BO., Silva, CA., Higashikawa, FS., Roig, A., Sanchez-Monedero, MA. 2010
Use of biochard as bulking agent for the composting of pultry manure: effect on organic matter degradation and humification.
Bioresource Technology. 4,453 (1º)

Mondini, C., Sinico, T., Cayuela, ML, Sanchez-Monedero, MA. 2010
A simple automated system for measuring soil respiration by gás chromatography.
Talanta. SCI: 3,290 (9/70)

Cayuela, MI; Sanchez-Monedero, MA; Roig, A. 2010
Two phase olive mill waste composting: enhancement of the composting rate and compost quality by grape stalks addition.
Biodegradation. SCI: 1,873 (77/152)

Serramiá, N., Sanchez-Monedero, MA., Fernandez-Hernandez, A., Garcia-Ruiz, A., Civantos, C., Roig, A. 2010
Contribution of the lignocellulosic fraction of two-phase olive mill wastes to the degradation and humification of the organic matter during composting.
Waste Management. SCI: 2,433 (49/181)

Sanchez-Monedero, MA., Serramiá, N., Garcia-Ortiz, Civantos, C., Roig, A. 2010
Greenhouse gas emissions duriong composting of two-phase olive mill wastes with different agroindustrial by-products.
Chemosphere. SCI: 3,253 (23/181)

Fernandez, A., Roig, A., Serramiá, N., Gracia-Ortiz, C., Sanchez-monedero, MA. 2010
Composición mineral del compost de estiércol de ovino y alperujo.
Boletín de compostaje pata Produccion Ecológica


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